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The story takes place during the third spring since Belldandy's arrival. Celestin, a former mentor of Belldandy, is released by Morgan Le Fay, and erases all memories of Keiichi from Belldandy to use her as a virus to hack the Yggdrasil computer in the heavens. Beautiful Movie ... Beautiful cels !!!


 Morgan le Fay

 Morigan holding Celestin on the moon - Ah! My Goddess

 Belldandy & Holybell

 Belldandy & Holybell singing

 Nice Holybell - singing

 Belldandy with kitty - Ah! My Goddess

 Belldandy and Keichi at University

 Belldandy - race outfit

 Belldandy - race outfit

 Belldandy - race outfit

 Belldandy & Keichi - College by night

 Celestin - Pan cel - Ah! My Goddess

 Keichi - under cherry blossom

 Belldandy & Celestin

 Infection ... Belldandy/Celestin

 Keichi holding Belldandy -

 Sleeping Belldandy & Keichi
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